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Trend Micro’s Mobile Security App

Trend Micro is a global leader in hybrid cloud security, network defense, small business security, and endpoint security. To protect Android devices from viruses, the company built Trend Micro Mobile Security—a mobile app that compares APKs from the Google Play Store to a database of known malware. If an APK with nefarious code is found, the app provides users with detailed information about the virus and its threat level.

Milvus, an open-source vector database built by Zilliz, is used to power Trend Micro Mobile Security’s virus vector comparison module.


Build a mobile security app that continuously compares APKs from the Google Play Store to a database of known malware. When a virus is found, the app must notify users immediately.


  • Maintain consistent performance levels as the APK repository grows exponentially in size.
  • Maintain data consistency in Trend Micro’s distributed solution.

Why Verctor Database

  • Maximum flexibility with support for various distance metrics and indexes that suit every application scenario.
  • Mishards, Milvus' cluster sharding middleware, ensures data consistency in demanding situations.
  • Support for visualized monitoring solutions with Prometheus and Grafana compatibility.
  • An active and responsive open-source community is available for questions and troubleshooting.


  • End-to-end latency in less than 95 milliseconds.
  • It takes 10 seconds to insert 3 million 192-dimensional vectors.

"The performance of Mishards, Milvus' distributed solution, met our expectations in every way. It is highly reliable, and requires far less memory. The platform’s flexible design makes it possible to optimize performance for specific, or evolving, application scenarios."

- Wei Huang, Senior Software Engineer at Trend Micro

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