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Introducing Zilliz

Meet the company behind Milvus.

Zilliz built Milvus, the world’s most popular vector database, to accelerate development of next generation data fabric. Milvus is currently an incubation-stage project at the LF AI & Data Foundation, and is capable of managing massive unstructured datasets. The platform's efficiency and reliability simplify the process of deploying AI and MLOps at scale.

Zilliz is on a mission to make sense of unstructured data through open-source and cloud-native solutions. Our technology has broad applications spanning new drug discovery, computer vision, recommendation engines, chatbots, and much more.



Vector similarity search with Milvus is up to 1,000x more efficient than traditional analytics methods, significantly reducing development efforts and running costs and making AI more accessible than ever.



More than 1000 organizations worldwide rely on Zilliz to power their AI and MLOps applications. Some of our users include Tokopedia, TrendMicro, Opera, Lucidworks, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Xiaomi, Sohu, Kingsoft, VOVA, and more.


Zilliz recently secured $43 million in its second funding round led by Hillhouse Capital. This marks the largest single Series B financing for an open-source infrastructure software company to date, and pushes total fundraising to $53 million.

Our Culture

Inspire everyone around us to be their best.

We aspire to be heroes in our field, representing Zilliz’s core values in everything we do.


Speak your mind, be honest with others, respect individual differences, and commit fully to team decisions.


Take responsibility for your work, own your mistakes, get things done, and always strive for excellence.


Always put yourself in others' shoes, be a positive force in your community, make others shine, and achieve greatness together.

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