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The world’s most powerful cloud vector database.

Zilliz Cloud: Cloud-based Milvus as a service


Unparalleled Vector Similarity Search

Unparalleled vector similarity search has never been simpler. Compatability with popular AI frameworks like TensorFlow and Pytorch offers unmatched flexibility for ML application building. As a fully managed service, Zilliz Cloud requires zero maintainence and zero configuration. Discover what the future of big data infrastructure can do for you.

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Applicable to various business scenarios

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Compatible with mainstream AI frameworks

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Leverage modern cloud infrastructure

AI and ML


Why Zilliz Cloud

Unparalleled Vector Similarity Search

- Ultra-low latency vector retrieval on massive, trillion-scale datasets.
- Broad support for various index types and AI algorithms.

Ease of Use

- Wide range of SDKs built with intuitive APIs.
- Compatible with popular AI frameworks including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, and PaddlePaddle.

Multi-Cloud Support

- Leverage modern cloud infrastructure.
- Abstract the complexity of underlying cloud infrastructure.

Dynamic Scaling

- Scale up or down as business requirements evolve.
- Fast, configurable autoscaling that has minimal performance impact.

Fully Managed Service

- Save time and resources on maintenance tasks with our fully automated database service.
- Monitor user- and system-level performance in real time.


- Able to survive any system-level failure.
- Indestructible data for business-critical applications.