iYUNDONG‘s AI Automatically Extracts Sporting Event Highlights

iYUNDONG‘s AI Automatically Extracts Sporting Event Highlights

iYUNDONG builds artificial intelligence (AI) tools that analyze media captured during sporting events to automatically extract key highlights. For example, by uploading a single photo, images of individual marathon runners can be automatically retrieved from a massive dataset that includes photos and videos from the event. iYUNDONG leverages Milvus, an open-source vector database built by Zilliz, to power its core image retrieval system.


From a single uploaded photo, accurately retrieve all images of a user from a massive, dynamic database.


- Return accurate search results based on user uploaded photos that vary in resolution, size, clarity, angle, and other ways that complicate similarity search. - Make newly uploaded photos immediately available for search. - Run millisecond-level queries on a database of **60+ million** images. - Build a production ready application in **one month**.

Why verctor database

- Thanks to Milvus’ data flushing mechanism, iYUNDONG’s backend system is faster and more efficient because resource use is distributed across different nodes. - Support for real-time search on trillion-vector datasets gives users instantaneous results. - An active open-source community and powerful out-of-the-box features allowed iYUNDONG to operate on a tight development budget.


- Accuracy rate of photo retrieval is constantly **above** **92%**. - Newly uploaded photos can be searched in real time. - Queries completed in milliseconds on average. - Project finished on time and under budget.

"Milvus’ performance is unparalleled. The platform allowed us to create a powerful, enterprise-grade image retrieval system on a short timeline with limited resources."

Xiupeng Zhou, Software Architect at iYUNDONG

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iYUNDONG‘s AI Automatically Extracts Sporting Event Highlights

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