Zilliz CEO Shared Start-up Experience in 2021 SYNC

By Zilliz on Oct 30, 2021

Zilliz CEO Shared Start-up Experience in 2021 SYNC

SYNC2021 SYNC2021

SYNC 2021, hosted by PingWest, culminated in success recently. Themed on "Reshape the Future", the conference is committed to establishing a new global consensus on the roaring ambition and resounding success of Chinese entrepreneurs in the global market.

In the session "New Opportunities: How Asian Entrepreneurs Change the World", Charles Xie, CEO and founder of Zilliz, shared the stumble and fall while founding Zilliz and his key to business success. Other presenters included Brad Bao, Co-founder and Chairman of Lime, Jun Pei, CEO and Co-founder of Cepton, and Lake Dai, Partner at LDV Partners Adjunct.

Charles is an experienced database expert, immersing himself in database development for over 20 years. Prior to his entrepreneurial expedition with Zilliz, Charles worked for years at Oracle’s US headquarters, where he was responsible for the development of Oracle relational database systems. He is a founding member of the Oracle 12c cloud database project, which proved to be a huge business success with cumulative revenue exceeding $10 billion.

Later, Charles seized the opportunity and founded Zilliz, an open source software company specializing in the development of AI unstructured data processing and analysis systems. Its core product, Milvus vector database, is a graduate project of the LF AI & Data Foundation. Milvus is widely used in intelligent question-answering systems, recommender systems, image and video retrieval, intelligent pathological analysis, new drug discovery, and many other fields. With the $43 million financing led by Hillhouse Ventures, Zilliz set a record for the largest single Series B financing in the world of open source infrastructure software.

Behind the glamorous experience is the constant trial and error of Charles and his team. Charles sincerely shared the doubts, challenges, and difficulties he has faced with young entrepreneurs, and encouraged them to always challenge and stay true to themselves. He said, “Don’t be afraid when you find that your idea goes against the grain. Will you set your foot on a totally different road if you persist on it?”

Currently, Zilliz is committed to developing a market and actively hiring talents in Silicon Valley.

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