Release notes

Zilliz Cloud v0.8.0

Release date: 2022-11-18

  • Opens to the public and no invitation is needed to register with Zilliz Cloud.
  • Supports big-data CUs.
  • Supports allocating a maximum of 32 CUs to a database.
  • Supports importing data from local files and AWS S3 buckets.
  • Supports auto-indexing and you do not need to select indexing types anymore.
  • Supports settings up resource monitors for QPS and query latency.
  • Improves database creation performance by five times.
  • Optimizes the UI performance for better user experience.

Zilliz Cloud v0.7.0

Release date: 2022-09-15

  • Upgrades the collection view UI.
  • Upgrades the vector search UI.
  • Supports signup with Google.
  • Supports system maintenance settings.

Zilliz Cloud v0.6.0

Release date: 2022-08-30

  • Supports larger standard vector database.
  • Supports manage collections on Cloud UI.
  • Supports manage index on Cloud UI.
  • Supports execute vector search on Cloud UI.
  • Disables database access from the Internet by default for security concern.
  • Improves creating whitelist experience.
  • Supports credits.
  • Improves Cloud UI for better interactive.
  • Improves internal system for better stability and performance.

Zilliz Cloud v0.5.0

Release date: 2022-08-01

  • Supports view collections on Cloud UI.
  • Supports view collection schema on Cloud UI.
  • Supports create collection on Cloud UI.
  • Supports delete collection on Cloud UI.
  • Supports view index on Cloud UI.
  • Improves Cloud UI for better interactive.

Zilliz Cloud v0.4.0

Zilliz Cloud is a cloud-native service for Milvus, you can set up your Milvus cluster to unlock high-performance similarly search with no extra effort needed for infrastructure management. We are currently in preview and if you have any questions, please contact us at

Release date: 2022-07-22

New features

  • Supports creating a vector database on AWS region: us-west-2 Oregon.
  • Supports all Core Milvus features.
  • Supports suspending and resuming vector databases.
  • Supports viewing basic vector database metrics.
  • Supports database users management.
  • Supports creating multiple projects.
  • Supports setting IP Whitelist at the project level.
  • Supports viewing user’s operational events.
  • Supports enabling MFA with email.