Find answers to frequently asked questions about the usage of Zilliz Cloud. If you cannot find the answer to you problem here, please contact our support team at

Why can’t I connect to the database after the database is created?

You can identify the problem by following these steps:

  1. Check if the database status is AVAILABLE. You cannot connect to the database if the database is initializing, deleted, or when its IP whitelist is being updated.
  2. Check if the IP address of your connection is included in the IP white list.
  3. Test the connectivity of the port by running telnet in01-<xxx>.<region> 19530. If the issue remains unsolved after all above steps are tried, please contact our support team at

What should I know when I set IP address white list?

  1. You can deploy a group of databases in one project so that you can set a unified IP white list for the group.
  2. For the convenience of connection after the database is created, a default IP is added to the white list. The default IP can be deleted.
  3. Each account has a Default_project. You can manage your databases under it if you do not have many databases.
  4. The IP white list is project-level. It takes effect on all AVAILABLE databases under the project.
  5. If a database is changing its status from STOPPED to AVAILABLE, the IP white list of the project will take effect again.

Why can’t I delete a project?

  1. Default_project cannot be deleted.
  2. A project with database(s) in it cannot be deleted.
  3. You cannot delete a project that does not belong to you.

What’s the difference between root user and other database users?

  1. Root user has the full privilege within the database.
  2. The password of root user is set when the database is created.
  3. Root user cannot be deleted.

What is the user “zcloud_root” for? Can I delete it?

DO NOT delete the cloud administration user "zcloud_root", which is used by Zilliz Cloud to detect the activity of the database and identify issues.