Zilliz Cloud Database Metrics

This topic describes how to view Zilliz Cloud database metrics.

View database metrics

Enter the corresponding database detail page to view the database metrics.

You can specify the span of metrics on the dropdown list in top right corner of Metrics (UTC) Tab.

Metric list

NameUnitDefault rangeDescription
CU%[0. 100]How many compute unit is used.
StorageGB[0, -∞]How many storage space is used.
QPSN/A[0, -∞]Queries per second.
Query latencymilliseconds[0, -∞]Vector database query latency.


CU is the metric for the percentile of computing unit used.

Metrics - CU Metrics - CU


Storage is the metric for storage size used. Unit is GB.

Metrics - Storage Metrics - Storage


QPS measures the query per second within the database.

Metrics - QPS Metrics - QPS

Query latency

Query latency measures the latency for queries within the database.

Metrics - Query Latency Metrics - Query Latency