Get started with Zilliz Cloud

Zilliz Cloud is currently in private preview for early access, available by invitation to select customers for testing and feedback before becoming more broadly available. To apply for early access, please fill out the form here.

Zilliz Cloud allows you to host and manage your vector data in the cloud. This overview page walks you through the basic operations with Zilliz Cloud database, including creating an Zilliz Cloud account, deploy a vector database, connecting to it, inserting data, and search within the vector database.

1. Create a Zilliz Cloud account

Create an account in Zilliz Cloud with your Email or Google Account.

2. Deploy a free vector database

Deploy a vector database. You can create a free, small-scale Zilliz Cloud vector database to host and manage your vector data.

3. Add your IP address to IP white list

Add your connection IP address to your IP white list to allow only devices from trusted IP to connect to your vector database.

4. Connect to your vector database

Connect to your vector database with SDK, Milvus CLI, or Attu - a Zilliz Cloud GUI tool. You must connect to your vector database before performing any operations.

5. Insert vector data

Insert vector data to your vector database.

6. Conduct a vector search

Perform a vector database with your vector database.

7. Hello Zilliz Cloud

Learn what Zilliz Cloud can do by running the Hello Zilliz Cloud sample script.