Find answers to frequently asked questions about Zilliz Cloud.

What’s the difference between Zilliz Cloud and open source Milvus?

Zilliz Cloud is Milvus built on cloud. Zilliz Cloud provides 24 x 365 Premier Support, which will free you from the cost of maintenance.

In which AWS regions is Zilliz Cloud available?

In the current release, Zilliz Cloud supports the us-west-2 Oregon region on AWS.

Which vector database size do I need?

In the current release, a Standard Small database can hold 5,000,000 rows of 128-dimensional vectors. If you need a database with a larger size, please contact us at cloud-support@zilliz.com.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes. You can reach us by email to cloud-support@zilliz.com if you meet any technical difficulties, and we will reach back to you soon.

Can I use Milvus SDK to connect to Zilliz Cloud database?

Yes. Zilliz Cloud is 100% compatible with PyMilvus and Milvus Java SDK. If you want to use other Milvus SDKs, it is recommended to test them first.

Can I upgrade the free trial database to a paid database after expiration?

Zilliz Cloud will automatically provide a 30-days free trial for you when you create the first Standard Small database. If you haven’t added a valid payment method, Zilliz will inform you 3 days before the database expires. The free trial database will be upgraded to a paid database automatically after expiration if a valid payment method is added. Otherwise, it will be deleted. If you need multiple databases, type upgrade, or extension of free trial, please contact our support team at cloud-support@zilliz.com.

What’s the pricing policy of Zilliz Cloud database?

Zilliz Cloud database charges on a hourly basis, and bills on a monthly basis. The expense will be charged from the credit card added to the payment method.

The hardware resources consist of compute and storage. Compute resource is mainly used for vector search. Zilliz provides resources for vector index building and data write for free.

Zilliz will inform you via your registration email if the payment is unsuccessful. You can solve it by changing your credit card. If the payment is still unsuccessful for 7 days, you will lose the write access to the database. The database will be deleted if the payment is unsuccessful for 9 days.