Add Your IP Connection to White List

This topic describes how to add an IP address to the white list of your Zilliz Cloud database.

In Zilliz Cloud database, you can create a list of trusted IP addresses. This will allow only devices from trusted IP to connect to your database.

Please note that IP White list takes effect on project scale. You can connect all the databases under the project with the IP addresses specified in the list.

Enter Add IP window

Click Projects tab on the top navigation bar. Click the project in which you wish to manage the IP white list. Click Network Access tab, and click Add IP button.

Specify your trusted IP address

Specify your IP address or CIDR in the IP address bar. You can add description for this IP address in Description bar.

The default IP address allows connections from any IP addresses. You can delete the default IP address and add other IP addresses to the white list to allow access only from the specified IP addresses.

The suffix 0 is used only when the IP address is If you specify a valid IP address other than, the suffix must be an integer within the range [1, 32].

Save the IP address

Click Save to save the specified the IP address that you have specified.

You will be re-directed to the Network Access tab when you have successfully added the IP address to the white list.

You will see the record of the IP address you added to the white list on the Network Access tab.

If you want to remove an IP address from the white list, click Delete in the Actions field of the record.